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An Australian brand, The Moo was created by two passionate Mixologists with a healthy outlook in life. The brand was brought to life with the principle of AUTHENTICITY and HEALTH, ensuring high quality ingredients are used while maintaining a balance of original flavors and nutrients rich.


Placing itself as a healthy alternative for drink lovers, The Moo created yogurt-based drinks with a hearty twist of complementing ingredients, such as: purple sticky rice, five cereals, red dates, red bean, waxy corn beans, and fresh fruits. One of the key benefits in choosing yogurt as its drinks based, is that it enhances healthy gut bacteria as well as providing a good dose of protein and calcium for protection against osteoporosis, relieving irritable bowel disease, and helping digestion.


With only just a short time since its creation and the opening of its flagship store at the beginning of 2019, The Moo Australia has rolled out 5 franchise stores in Sydney (within two months) and coming soon in Brisbane and Sydney’s Inner West. Indonesia is their first foray into international growth, making us the market leader in AsiaPacific.


It is our hope as part of The Moo international, to break barrier and stereotype that fun drinks are only a thing for young people. The Moo’s health-centric drinks is for everyone at all age level.




“With the noise in this era, we need to find inner peace” – The Moo.


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