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What is The Moo?

Placing itself as a healthy alternative for drink lovers, The Moo created

yogurt-based drinks with a hearty twist of complementing ingredients, such as: sticky purple rice, oats, red dates, red bean, waxy corn beans, and fresh fruits. One of the key benefits in choosing yogurt as its drinks based, is that it enhances healthy gut bacteria as well as providing a good dose of protein and calcium for protection against osteoporosis, relieving irritable bowel disease, and helping digestion.

Why choose The Moo?

Indonesia is their first foray into international growth, making us the market leader in Asia Pacific. The Moo Indonesia has rapidly grown from a single store in February 2020, to a current total of 4 stores in November 2020. In addition, we strive to continuously evolve with new flavors while adhering to the brand’s vision. We are constantly growing our footprints to reach more and more Astro-Moos out there, spreading the goodness of our yogurt drinks!


It is our hope as part of The Moo international, to break barrier and stereotype that fun drinks are only a thing for young people. The Moo’s health-centric drinks is for everyone at all age level.

Our Vision

To be the inspiration of

healthy-alternative drinks.

Our Mission

We aim to cultivate the notion that

well-being is about choice, not sacrifice.


Presenting a variety of wholesome options,

while continuing to invent and discover new concoction.



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